If you ever want to use someone with a passion for what they do  &  who knows how to be handy at all times, you are at the right place.

My wife and friends nickname me McGyver because I always McGyver a plan. I love fixing things.


As a child I found my passion for problem solving and became handy. Professionally I started store fitting in 1997, followed by a family business building new homes and qualified as a Plumber.

I took a break from being handy professionally when my hobby paragliding turned professional. Friends and family kept my passion for being handy alive.

In 2020, Men Behaving Handy was born. We are a two man team with great relationships with other contractors whose skills are stronger in certain areas.


Gift, my right hand man has been working with me since 2014. With the skills he has built up with his passion for learning I leave him on one site while I go to another site. As his name says he is a Gift, he is loyal and friendly with the hugest smile under his mask.

Weekends are my flying and family time. For an emergency I will always respond, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Handyman Tools


Pinelands and surrounding

Cape Town

Call: 079 391 1144


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